_5. What is this Outreach about?

Many, not all, who find this website were born with Mother Nature’s unique artwork on their legs, arms, face and/or torso. Some have been diagnosed with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome or another syndrome in the same diagnostic family (eg. Parkes Weber, Sturge Weber, CLOVES, Proteus, PROS). Others are parents, caregivers, partners, family and freinds.

Several years ago Bill opened up his Personal Journal about our several decades journey, including doctors, diagnostics, care, support groups, medical studies, and wealth of medical, biological, and psychological information discovered along the way. He wrote in case his journey might help a fellow traveler and their family, parents, friends, associates, and medical providers.

In advance of meeting you here online or in person we extend you the hand of friendship. We are compadres in a unique life experience. While we have much in common, biological-medical conditions are predicated on a random, genetic mutation that started during gestation. These likely in the early, formative weeks. Childhood’s formative (developmental) years brought other changes. Adulthood and on into the Senior years are not always and easy ride either. It’s both common root causes and unique developmental turns that create each of our unique paths.

Wishing you all the best

Dawne and Bill

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