_4. Who are Bill and Dawne? Seen, yet Not Heard?


We are Dawne an Bill Lee. Bill was born rare, diagnosed with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome late in life. Dawne was born an angel, diagnosed with Breast Cancer late in life. They married at 18 and 19, respectively. While it’s common to say being born rare is Bill’s story, it is in dramatic ways THEIR STORY, “for better or worse”. A story that is, to date, 47 years long and looking to be decades longer.

When I began posting into my first journal in 2002 I did not imagine 2021, or the gathering of many thoughts, ideas, and memories. Almost 20 years of personal evolution. I’d be happy to have another 20 years to mature my thinking and write better. Learning never ceases. Peace and love my friends.


In creating our 4th edition, our 4th iteration of Seen, yet Not Heard, original content is often made available in its original form. It’s largely rough in its presentation. Published using older technology. Unskilled in writing. Bill’s goal was to learn to write and share the raw experiences of his medical life and his personal life. We are working today, have worked, to take his initial work product to a higher level.

Please bear with us as we re-visit content and re-design with the hope that better indexes and organization will allow our content to grow into a full blown resource for new moms and dads, those born rare, and the medical support and provider networks.

Please keep following us.

Best in life and health,

Dawne and Bill

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Seen, yet Not Heard