_9. Navigating around our website

Our Journal started as a personal blog. Over these last almost 20 years it grew into a resource for information about ours and others medical condition, a doctor locator, a referral source to support groups, and several other repositories of information and resources. It’s become a rather large endeavor to manage. So we have been asked to create a navigation assist.

The website is organized into two parts:

– an OUTREACH section meant for those who are new to our rare congenital malformations of our vascular system and the general public who looks to better understand and appreciate us, our support system. It is the newest piece which includes a news portal and a paying-it-forward section.

– a JOURNALING section, our 4th Edition, meant to retain our library of research, our homework, done to educate ourselves and to continue sharing our personal medical and related life journey. It’s so much more than a Blog which was its birth.

Below are two distinct Table of Contents which serve as site navigation tools. Always looking for constructive feedback; please message us with your ideas and critiques.